•  Be selfish In 2020 when you hear this, an explanation usually follows right? 

Well this is not the case. It is simply what it states. Be selfish to yourself in such a way that you do not allow anyone or anything disrupt your journey. 

  •    Learn to set boundaries that promote self healing

It is easier said than to hold yourself to this rule.  However, when you realize the path you are on you learn to let go of what does not serve you. With self-care there has to be an understanding of what will and will not be tolerated. 

  •   Learn to say “NO” without explanation

This is the same as being selfish. It is self explanatory. Too often people in this day in age expect an explanation or believe one is needed to be given. IT IS NOT! 

  •   Be honest with yourself

 When you think of self-care you have to think of internal. It starts from within. Your thoughts have a major impact on how you see yourself. Being upfront about who you are and what you want to accomplish is a start on “finding your truth.” 

  •   Learn to detoxify your own behaviors 

Self-care is not only about letting go of those who do not serve you. It is also about letting go of one’s own toxic choices, words and actions. All of this plays a major factor in your self-care and the growth that comes from it. You decide how you grow. 

  •   Own your shit 

At some point in time we have all been that toxic person for someone one else. “that someone being you” It is easier to point the finger and never see anyone’s side but your own. Take time to dissect the situation and really put effort into seeing in what part you played 

  •   Make peace with who you are becoming

 The only way to truly experience self-care is to embrace “you.” I mean all of you, the good, the bad and the downright ugly. It starts with creating a space that allows you to do these things.  

Focusing on bettering self and elevating is always the focus. For February self-care is about being a better you...for you. This month's discount is  VDAY20, ENJOY!!!

-Crafting Freak out!!