Seaglass By Nash LLC

I am the owner, designer and photographer. I have been able to stay in business because it does not feel like a job. It is a hobby of mine and I have always felt as if there is never enough time to create through business or in relationships, that expresses a kinship while building rapport. Some of the things I strive for in business are honesty, quality products (priceless) and clients that are not customers (they are family). I believe in delivering an experience that includes the client's input and giving them their opportunity to express "their form of art." This is what makes Seaglass By Nash different. The client's input matters. Outside of my business I am an entrepreneur while serving active duty. I am a student, I am a daughter, a lover of all things natural and down to earth. When I started my business a few years ago I was dealing with my very own obstacle at the time and I wanted to channel that energy into something positive. I  bought a pair of earrings I thought would look nice. Well, they weren't what I pictured and this left me disappointed with the lack of quality in the product. Instead of me returning them, I deconstructed the pair and revamped it into my own style. The rest is history.

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